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We Vadodhara properties have been in operation over four years and always strive to be leaders in the Red Sandal farmlands market by meeting the expectations of our customers

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Red sandalwood is widely used in cancer and Viagra drugs in nuclear reactors.

A warm welcome to the world of Vadodharaproperties

Invest only 7 lakh 95 thousand rupees on Red Sandalwood and reap the income of crores of rupees.

The decision is in your hands, decide your child’s future too.

22 cents (1064 sq.) of land and 100 red sandalwood plants together with 1Unit .

Documents to be given to customers:

1) 22 cents land registration documents,

2) 100 Red Sandalwood Plants (Mutual Agreement Registration) Registration

3) Bhoomi 35 years link documents.

4) Soil test certificate.

5) 30 and 16 feet gravel roads.

6) Security with Ghan Man with EX Military guys from 6th year. Y guarded with dog squad tonight

10:00 AM

7) A registered society is formed and every customer is identified as a member

8)Geo tag each tree.

9) The method of making every Kishmar bought as a shareholder in the company..

10) After 12 years, the company will take 50% of the income from red sandalwood sales to Kashmir and 50% of the lease agreement will be arranged…

Unlike me in the Telugu states. Our company is the only company doing business in neighboring states as well

A solution to the falling value of the rupee. Red sandalwood cultivation is the only way to ensure future economic needs

By 2030, on an average, family expenses need rs 1 lakh per month.

It should be realized that we should participate in the cultivation of red sandalwood today.

Owners of own land should get high income. Land increases in value for land. Crop after crop yields high income.


  • How many years will it double in: Postal Deposit: 7.3% Interest : 9.4 years :
  • Bank Deposit: 6.75% : 10.5 years:
  • Mutual Funds : 12% : 6-7 years :
  • Land : 4 Rates : 5 Years :
  • Red sandalwood : 10 years : estimate 10-15 times higher.

Revenue Approximate Calculation

We estimate 22 cents of land by 1 unit. In 1 unit, we offer 100 plants in 10 x 10 ratio. Each plant weighs 500kg after 12 years. But we are taking into account only 50% ie 250kgs. AP Government announced the prices of 1 ton of red sandalwood as support price for red sandalwood farmer.

A grade 52 lakhs

B Grade 32 lakhs

C Grade 21 lakhs

Let us consider the value of grade C after 12 years.

5 lakhs for each plant weighing 250 kg. 22 cents 100 plants x 5 lakhs, total 5 cr.

But we are taking only 50% of this value..

2.50 crores, which is 50 % of this customer’s share. This is 1.25 cr we can take.

Investment in land is safe. Also high income.

“Red Sandalwood Benefits”

A ton of red sandalwood yields 1 kg of oil. Its value is around 2.5 crores.

Abundant in these cosmetics are age-defying products

After ten years gold will be found but no land available for purchase? Think and invest in your children future.

The price of a yard is only 699/-

22 cents divided into 1 unit and including 100 red sandalwood plants will be given at just Rs 7,95,000.


  • Company target 10000 acres for Farming
  • Reason behind the thousands of acres farming to get lakhs of tons of Red Sandal wood


    • will start construction of industry (Processsing Unit) in 2025.
    • will expand its wings to three more MNC cities i.e; Bangalore, chennai and New Delhi.
    • has plan to export Premium Raw materials to the international market.

    For more details contact:

    85000 63685